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Split type reverse cycle Air-conditioners for your home and business!

We as a team of 20 years in experience, live and breath to make the climate in your home a comfortable environment. There are a wide variety top of the range brands to choose from, ex. Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, TCL, Samsung and many more reliable Air-conditioners. You can have lots of additional accessory's such as a wifi module witch allows you to control your air conditioner away from home, Set a schedule when you want your air-con to start and stop, Motion sensor for automatic start up when you enter the room, Humidity and dust Filtration and much much more.

Ducted Refrigerated unit in your home?  Yes we can!

Need your whole house cooled in a heartbeat? Choose ducted! When it comes to work like this you can be guaranteed that you will get the best cooling and heating sensation, from the work we supply. Big or small it can be done! Need it zoned? Zoned it is! Already have a ducted unit and need a service? Will come out with in 2 business days to satisfy your needs.


Need Multiple split system but have no room outdoors for condensers?
Choose Multi head split systems!

Choosing Multi head systems will not only save you money but will save you the hassle of having more then one condensing unit taking up space around your house. Want to set your own temperature and tiered of arguing over the thermostat temperature this is your answer! Having all this power of cooling in one small unit sure convinces me that this is the way to go. Want 2 units? maybe 3 how about if i told you that we can install up to 9 Indoor units that will all work on the one Condensing unit? Having problems installing a ducted unit because of the construction of your house? Multi head units can be installed in any type of domestic and commercial buildings, Single story and double story, Brick and concrete. You can do it all! 

Dont know what you want? Will come out to you! 

Sitting there wondering what is the cheapest, efficient, and most reliable unit you need? Will Do the thinking for you! We will send you one of our highly experienced technicians to show you all the options in and around your house and give you multiple options to choose from at an affordable price.

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